Friday, January 14, 2022

Wallah!I'm back!

    Thank God I could login to this account @ blog again!Wallah! I'm on cloud nine!This time, I don't care. I just want to pour my heart out.Yes, I'm an English teacher for years but I still have to learn a lot to polish my language.Never say no to success eventhough aging is facing me.So, I'll put efforts to use both my mother tongue and English.Bear with me if it doesn't worth reading. 

        Since 2010, I've posted more than 3000 entries.At first, it was merely because I had no one to turn to, yet I needed to really spit my wrath out.So I started blogging.Then, it became my passion apart from being my way of escapism. Blogging had introduced me to another world where I could be myself.A me who was brilliant and confident.The miseries gave me countless ideas of what to write.It was my anger extermination!It gave me satisfaction!

        However, after I could be a free me, I was so busy with my new life without THAT nuisance so I was carried away by happiness and had forgotten about blogging.Plus, the new social medias which have started to be everyone's escapism including me.But day by day, I felt that I had to continue what I had started so after chasing my busy schedule, I had to force myself to continue writing again.So here I am, willing to share anything that need to share.Perhaps one day, when I was not around. those who want to know who I am really, can turn to this blog of mine, dig out and find me.Until that day, wish me health and free so that I can keep blogging. Till then, see you.

        I'll never be JK Rowling but I want to have her fighting spirit.


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