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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love + Life = dilemma + sufferings

   Life is full of ups and downs.When you are up the whole world is yours but once you are down, you feel like committing suicide.When you are up, there are many happy faces around you but once you are down, you find no one.When you are up, there are so many shoulders offered, but once you are down, no shoulder to cry on AT ALL!

   Sometimes, life is not fair.You sacrifice everything and give your whole life but in return you got nothing!Life is a dagger.You use it when you need it but instead it stabs you very, very deep!Life is also full of poison.You use it when you want to get rid of something or someone that you don't need but instead it poisons you ITSELF!

   Love is just a simple word.But actually, it is not really a word but instead it is a sentence... A life sentence!INDEED! ( Quoted from a friend)

Love = dilemma


senyumSOYA said...

yup~ love is a life sentence!

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