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Saturday, January 1, 2011

To be or not to be....

    Wow!Awesome!It's 1/1/11 already!What a nice number!...and it means I'm a year older!!!Last night I got a terrible headache so I didn't turn on my netbook at all.It's only today at 5 I got the chance to do so.Wow!!!So many birthday wishes from friends and my students too.Thank you all for remembering my date of birth!Hope that this year ( no more next year) I'll be a better person.I really mean it! A BETTER PERSON! Really looking forward to be a person with a smile, no more tangles, wit's ends, devil and blue seas and bla bla bla.I do hope that I can be a better teacher too so that my KRK and KAA classes can 100% score A for English.

   Besides, I'm really looking forward to do my hobbies;painting,cross-stiching and reading.Blogging?Of course but I know that I have to focus more to my teaching career;Plan J,KPI,Lessons Plans etc.What ever it is:  I WANT TO BE A BETTER PERSON!!!

( Credit to karen )


ruby zaizi said...

the cake looks nice..yummy!! :p

kakchik@ella said...

hepi brthday cikgu. moga sentiasa berada di dalam kasih syg dan lindungan Allah S.W.T.

anyway, the cake is so gorgeous. cantek !!

Sharifah nor said...

to look better and to feel better..

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