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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Panji & Cucu, my family

Today, I'm quite busy.Got lots of things to share but time is my enemy.Suddenly I heard ( in my mind ) someone said :
Post us!Post us! We're your family too.
Then, I took my cellphone and here are the pictures;my adorable Cucu and the handsome young man, Panji.Hope it's enough for today!

Mummy!I'm a week older but why I'm still a baby?

See mummy! I can climb!

Mummy!Help!What are those tiny funny creatures?

Hei Cucu!Look at me!

Listen here!I was a baby too but now look at me!

I'm a handsome young man.

What?You don't believe me?

Just wait and see


Let's have a break!